Salman Khan’s fans storm Twitter with different hashtag as Shah Rukh Khan’s latest hits silverscreen

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- April 21, 2016

Shah Rukh Khan’s “Fan” hit the silverscreen these days, devotees of Salman Khan took to Twitter to trend a new any other hashtag to illustrate their affection for his or her godlike object.

shahruk and salman khan

Huge fan of Salman Khan Used #EIDPeDekhengeSirfSULTAN to make it clear that they might best watch “Sultan” on Eid

Interestingly, SRK’s “Raees” releases at the same time. What is greater, the two high price range spending plan films presenting two industry heavyweights liberating at releasing on the same day will undoubtedly make history.

Indeed, even as the whizzes who were once most outstanding adversaries have embraced and accommodated, their fans are yet to overlook their contention.

Both Salman and SRK had spoke to their fans to now not placed every different down and be sufficiently deferential toward each different.

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