Selfie near train can now land you in jail by

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تداولات الذهب - April 22, 2016


watch If anyone will take Selfie near a train then police will arrested them this is a new step has been taken by the Government! Now, officials have been directed for booking people under several sections, in case they are caught taking a selfie near the railway track! Selfie Near The Train, You Would Be Jailed Directly! Yes, from now onwards if you are found taking selfies near railway tracks or high speed train, then it would be treated as an attempt of suicide act and he or she would be jailed for the same, said Raj Kumar Gautam, the deputy superintendent of Police for GRP Agra division. Recently few people lost their lives due taking selfies near location Saharanpur and Mirzapur’s railway tracks respectively. Guilty parties would now be reserved under IPC Section 145 i.e. bringing about disturbance or inebriation or IPC Section 307 of Railway Acts if got.

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