Shocking video shows a dog being dragged behind a van moving at high speed in China

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فوركس الفضة - September 22, 2016٠يه-منصه-سعوديه-لتجارة-العملات-والذهب-والنÙÂ A shocking video of a dog being dragged behind a high-speeding van in China has gone viral on social media. Dog Tied Up, Dragged By A Speeding Van In China

الخيارات الثنائية قالب موقع The footage, that was taken in the Chaozhou city of China’s Guandong province, shows a dog mercilessly being hauled away by the vehicle.

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سعر الذهب مباشر The video was uploaded on Chinese social media with reports claiming that the driver was unaware of the animal attached to his vehicle. He had reportedly borrowed the van from the dog’s owners at the time of the incident.

فوركس ACM No grievous harm came to the dog, which thankfully escaped with minor injuries, reports The Daily Mail. The pooch has safely returned homeاسعار-الذهب-اليوم-Ù ÙŠ-السعودية-مرت٠ع-ام-منخ٠ض  

سعر اسهم عمانتل اليوم  

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