Something that looks like a sci-fi movies , the Canadian company to design an elevator into space 20 along the tower Khalifa



- April 21, 2016

Space age Tower of Babel

The company called Thoth Technology got a patent last month from the United States , so as to build a ” space elevator ” would be the longest 20 times from the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, of a height of 829 meters, which is currently the tallest building in the world.

It would be the height of the space elevator is higher than what is called “Armstrong limit”, which is a point at an altitude of 19 kilometers from the Earth’s surface, then start the body fluids to boil, because of the low atmospheric pressure.

Space age Tower of Babel


According to the patent, the “space elevator tower has the infrastructure fragmented pieces, each piece is made up of at least one cell of pressure cells, and can fill these pressure cells with air or any other gas, and will lift carts to climb or descend on the outer surface of the basic structure of the elevator or from within the main structure of the building.”

The stability of the structure of the tower will be through gyroscopic automated system, controlled by complex control techniques.

The company believes that the tower would have a great importance in the launch spaceships from the stratosphere of the Earth, due to lower fuel consumption when the launch vehicle of the platform that will be present top of the tower, the researchers say that it could reduce the cost of space flight by about a third.

The researchers said the spacecraft can be launched from the roof of the building, then back to refuel and re-fly it again, and this would reduce the actual cost of spacecraft missions outside the Earth.

Scientists also say it can be used as a space elevator to the tasks of scientific research and space tourism In the area of communications and take advantage of the wind energy field.

The idea of a space elevator has emerged for the first time by the Russian world of the late “Konstantin Sialkovski” in the early 20th century, which were summarized in the delivery of cargo spacecraft from Earth to outer space using a huge cable-based end of the party on the ground and the other party will be at an altitude orbit hard for the land.

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