Sunny Leone launches her own ‘Mobile App’ for fans

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Pankaj Kumar

- December 2, 2016


Bollywood actress Sunny Leone today announced her new mobile application in collaboration with New York based startup EscapeX. Using the application, users can get real time updates on all of Sunny Leone’s social handles such as  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube directly and can access and interact through the in-app social feed.

The application additionally highlights push notices, an in-manufactured on the web/disconnected music player, custom emojis, a web program and nourish for posts and challenges.

Why would a potential user use this app and not just follow her on her various social feeds? Simple answer: total and a superior shot for the fan’s answers to be really observed by the star herself. The app has a virtual currency  that users can earn or purchase. They can then use this currency to promote their comments to the top to increase visibility and a chance of being seen by the star herself.

 “The app is something that I have wanted for a long time and now it’s finally here. It is catered to my super fans where they can see everything that is happening in my world in one app. I can’t wait to share so many things with my fans in one place.” says Sunny Leone. “Once they download the app, they are a part of my world and everything I do. Something I’m really excited about is that I get to put exclusive content as well as merchandise just for my fans on this very app.” she includes.

The application is free-to-download but will serve its clients important promotions, as observed on Facebook, Google, to produce income yet a more noteworthy cut will go to the star.


“We are eager to dispatch in India which outperformed the United States this year to wind up distinctly the nation with the biggest Facebook client base on the planet. We are regarded to join forces with Sunny Leone, one of BBC’s 100 most compelling ladies of 2016. Together, we endeavor to begin another period in online networking where control is returned in the hands of makers who will at long last be adjusted for drawing in with their group of onlookers.” said Sephi Shapira, CEO EscapeX.

At the launch event we got a chance to have a short one-on-one interaction with Sunny and asked her why she’s a self-confessed geek. “Well, I used to play World Of Warcraft, and I also taught myself how to build websites, webmaster tools, HTML, edit videos and more,” she said.


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