The Guy Who Caught All 142 Pokémon In The USA Is Getting A Free World Tour To Catch The Rest!

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حساب الخيارات الثنائية التداول التجريبي لا إيداع All you Pokémon GO fanatics must surely remember Redditor ftb_hodor, real name Nick Johnson, who became the first person to catch all 142 Pokémon in the game. The United States resident caught all Pokémon which were native to the Americas region, and he hoped to travel the world to catch the others.

And now, Marriott Rewards and Expedia are sponsoring Nick to travel to Europe, Asia, and Australia, to capture the region specific Pokémon, viz., Mr. Mime, Farfetch’d, and Kangaskhan, respectively.فوركس-للذهب The Guy Who Caught All 142 Pokémon In The USA Is Getting A Free World Tour To Catch The Rest!

enter According to the trip itinerary, Johnson will first be travelling with his girlfriend to Paris, Europe, where he’s planning to catch Mr. Mime. A day after that, they’ll be flying to Hong Kong, Asia for Farfetch’d, and the day after that, to Sydney, Australia for two days for Kangaskhan.

Nick says he’ll be relying on the local Pokémon community to guide him to all the Pokémon, and he’ll also be writing a blog about his travels as well as interacting with the press. “I WILL BE SCOURING REDDIT ON MY FLIGHT OVER AND HAVE A BATTLE PLAN BY THE TIME I GET THERE.I WILL TRAVEL ACROSS THE LAND, SEARCHING FAR AND WIDE. BASICALLY.”

see Since the travels are sponsored by Marriot Rewards, Nick will be staying like royalty: the Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe, the Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View, Pier One Sydney Harbour, and the Tokyo Marriott Hotel, for a final victory lap and a small vacation. While on his quest to be the very best, he will also be writing for Expedia’s Viewfinder blog.

الاسهم المتداوله After this is done, all Nick will have to do is wait and look forward to catch the as of now unavailable 6 legendary Pokémon: Ditto, Mew, Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. Via: الفوركس دبي storypick

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