The New Generation ARNOLD Is Here!



- April 21, 2016

The “NEW GENERATION ARNOLD” Calum von Moger recently capture the crown as Mr. Universe. He looks like the most popular personality in the history of bodybuilding, ARNOLD.

Age: 25
Height: 6’2″ – 188 cm
Weight: 250 lbs – 113 kg

New Genreation Arnold

Calum grew up in a small town in central Victoria, Australia (population 690) with 5 siblings on a small hobby farm. Calum’s parents kept several small farm animals and grew most of the family’s fruits and vegetables. Calum remembers growing up in an organized household where the entire family followed a daily routine. The environment where Calum grew up undoubtedly helped shape his mindset on discipline and he learned to place a high value on food and nutrition.


Calum with his Inspiration Arnold Schwarzenegger!



It was in 2010 when Calum entered his first body building competition in Victoria, Australia and he won. In 2011 he was recruited to enter the WFF Junior Mr. Universe competition. Calum competed in the NABBA Junior International championships and won that competition and then went on to take first place in the Jr. Mr. Universe all in the same year.



The best role model in industry..



Both of these body builders are best in our opinion, Please share your opinion in comments.

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