The world’s largest search engine Google today is its own credibility

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استراتيجية M5 الخيارات الثنائية - May 4, 2016

follow site The world’s largest search engine Google today is its own credibility, but you know where it was from the beginning of the big search engines. Let us point out that today we are ruling the world from giant Google was the beginning of a garage. Google Search Engine

محاكاة الفوركس In September 1998, two Stanford University graduate Larry Page and Sergey Brin rented the garage of a friend, Susan Vojasiki both day and night and there were only one mission to accomplish. He was developing a search Incheon, all information on the internet can get on the same platform. They wanted to use it to everybody in the world and their work paid off. People can search for anything on Google. The company today is reigning world and several large office are everywhere. In addition to Google is another company which had its beginnings in the garage, but it has created the world’s most popular software. Yes, we are talking about Microsoft company. 80 per cent of the software market in the world to capture and her debut US New Mexico was in the small garage. Bill Gates with his friend Paul Allen were working on a software for IBM. Just from here came the idea of creating the Microsoft Company Bill Gates. In the garage were making software for IBM, where he laid the foundation of Microsoft.اسهم-شركه-اسمنت-الجنوب In those early days, he had made Windows software. These Kanpion distinguished by their hard work and innovation of these companies and individuals are the result of thinking, who changed the world with your ideas.

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