Video!! They Took A Camera To A Remote Area In Took A Camera To A Remote Area In Greenland And Captured Something Terrifying

الخيار مقارنة VBA الثنائية التفوق by ShowOff-Auther

اقوى شركات الفوركس - September 3, 2016

الخيارات الثنائية استعراض الوكالة الدولية للطاقة للبيع اسهم الريان القطريه Whilst the creators of the documentary “Chasing Ice”, have been filming on the Jakobshavn glacier in West Greenland, they by no means concept they would witness something so majestic. They were able to seize on video the biggest glacier calving ever seen (thus far, due to global warming). This extraordinary event lasted over an hour and while the motion stopped, the glacier moved a full mile athwart a calving face of kilometers wide! A real visible feast that deserves to be seen.

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