Thief signed his luck bad luck in a professional martial arts grip

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enter - April 21, 2016 Thief signed his luck bad luck in a professional martial arts grip

الخيارات الثنائية مجانا عرض في الوقت الحقيقي Not a seasoned thieves through the streets of Brazil knows that the lady who is trying to steal is a graduate of martial arts, but after he tightened his hold strong fist does not work with any attempt to escape, the thief poor man suffered so much from the young woman drew her legs around his neck and severely cordoned off by waiting for the arrival of the security forces to take the right actions necessary, it swerved verse upside down. Instead of asking young distress began demanded by a thief who tried to call in with pedestrians begging them.

follow Young is an expert martial arts called “Monique Bastos” a professional in the sport of geo-jitsu, in so-called thief “Wesley Sosua de Aoroyjo”, which was abandoned by his friend, the thief as he fled to an unknown destination, before the police come to arrest him after a quarter of an hour in which taste painful punishment , but he narrowly escaped the stoning of people and beating them.

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