Thirsty Leopard gets its head stuck in a Metal Pot



- April 21, 2016



A leopard went searching for water and the request changed into an awful dream when its head got stuck in a metal pot in Rajsamand district of Rajasthan. The unfortunate puma wound around, feeling that its hard to discard the vessel.

Observers took photographs and taped the doing combating animal until neighborhood officer administration commission arrived and shot it with a calming dart.

Territory Forest Officer Kapil Chandrawal told the Indian Tribune, “The sub-grown-up panther, developed around 3 years, squirmed an incredible arrangement and attempted tries to get his head out yet all tries failed. On getting information by nearby individuals, our gathering accomplished the spot and moved him to a niche where it was calmed and his head was freed. After the jaguar is totally recovered, he will be sans set in a thick forest district.”



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