Video!! This Pop-Up Critter Toy Is the Perfect Tool to Scare the Beejesus Out of Someone



- July 28, 2016

Scaring the crap out of humans will in no way get old, and this toy permits you to prank your buddies, family members and possibly even strangers.

The Sneekums puppy Pranksters are an ingenious toy that’ll do all of the pranking by utilizing having an adorably scary-looking critter pop up from nowhere.

Sneekums Pet Pranksters

You may place it at the back of the tablets; hide it inside meals bins or under desks to scare the crap from your unsuspecting victims. It may be activated the utilization of a timer or through numerous switches to flawlessly set it up and deliver that scream-inducing scare.

Sneekums Pet Pranksters

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