This Terrifying Halloween Decoration Was Pulled From Stores For Being Too Scary

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see There’s a very skinny line among what’s funny and what’s not. Home Depot Canada pulls ‘Scary Peeper Creeper’ decoration from shelves because it’s too… horrifying! This Halloween prop was design for use as a prank, but it obtained consumer complaints and one of them even contacted CBC news. “I fail to see the humour in it,” Breanne Hunt-Wells, a concerned teacher and mother of two, stated during her interview. “It makes light of a very serious crime. Voyeurism is a crime in Canada.” Eventually, Home Depot reacted to the situation and removed the product from their assortment in Canada. Ironically, this is probably the best recognition a Halloween prop can acquire. However, if you want to give somebody a heart attack, it’s still available to buy inside the US.

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