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- November 19, 2016

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Hello Everyone, My name is Sonamveer singh. I’m a punjabi boy from a middle class family belongs to Jamshedpur.

Today I want to share something which I started 4 years ago. I don’t know whether I was right or wrong but all I know is that I was very upset that time and didn’t find another way to hurt her.

Who is SONAM GUPTA: Sonam was a very intelligent girl, she was too from a middle class family. Her dad was a shopkeeper in Jamshedpur. I have her pics but do not want to make it public.

How we met : We both were in the same school, As she was a very active girl so she always participate in all cultural activities. One day both of us got the responsibility to manage a small donation event in the school. Due to that we spend lots of time together. And that time was enough for me to be in LOVE with SONAM 🙂 But school classes end very soon and for me its like a one side love story which is going to end now.

College time : After a month I got the admission in JIIT Jamshedpur. On the 2nd day of college I got the biggest surprise in college, and it was SONAM 🙂 she took the admission in same college. I was too happy , Can’t even explain. For me its like a dream come true. I think she was happy too when she found me there. So in just a few months we become good friends. We used to come together in the same bus. She was a topper and always help me in studies. So till then everything was going well.

My proposal : I remember when we was in the 3rd sem, I was thinking that its the right time to let her know that how much I love her. But I afraid that if she reject my proposal I will loose her friendship too.


One of my friend Vinay knows everything and keep pushing me to tell her everything. One day I got to know that vinay told everything to SONAM and I got shocked :X .

SONAM didn’t come to college for two days, It makes me worried about her. But on the 3rd day she came to the bus stand I looked at her but she ignored me. I was quite afraid.

She didn’t sit with me on that day and when we reached college she comes to me and with her cute smile she asked why don’t you ask this directly to me ? I said WHAT? Shocked again

She smiled and said, I like you but as a girl I can’t express my feeling first. I was waiting for you to ask me for the same. On that day I was on seventh SKY 🙂 too happy. Then the 4 years of college become unforgettable for both of us.

She was lucky enough : After the college, Everyone started looking for the job and SONAM started her preparation for the bank exams. As I was a average student so I was not sure what I have to do with my career. And finally she cracked the Exam and got the job of clerk in the Canera bank. I was too happy for her.

Her hidden face : In a few days I have seen lots of changes in her attitude. Even she started ignoring my message and calls. I think may be she is too busy with her new job so didn’t get the time to respond back but soon I found the reason was something else.


She started getting angry with me without any reason, Our talks changes to arguments and one day in anger I told her that you are so changed. And guess what she cut the call and switch off her mobile.

It seems like she was waiting for me to say this so that she can get the reason to stay away from me. I tried a lot to contact her but she didn’t responded.

I started waiting for her outside her branch and one day I caught her and asked why you are doing the same. She said she LOVE somebody else, I said WHAT? How ? From when?

She said I don’t need to explain you everything, just leave my way, I am going to marry him soon. For me its like the END OF LIFE.

I don’t know what I did wrong with her, she left me without any reason and made me alone for ever.

I think she dumped me for a bright future with a banker and ignored the true love of a engineer.

My revenge : She got married to a banker in Ludhiana, Punjab. I was too upset for around 8 months. But now I am fine and I understand that she was a black heart-ed. One thing she forgot that I M AN ENGINEER 🙂 I got a plan to take revenge 😀

I started writing on every note that SONAM GUPTA BEWAFA HAI! When I started I had 7000 cash and I write the same on all of the notes. From then everything when I got a new note I write the same line of it and use it as normal money. As I am doing this from last 3 years and I hope till now she or her husband might got some notes with my messages on them SONAM GUPTA BEWAFA HAI!.

I want to make her realise that I was not wrong, if she were not in love with me then she should simply said this to me. But the way she chooses was wrong and now nobody can STOP me. I will write this on everything, Every note, coin, paper, book, walls etc……

And SONAM if you think, I am doing something wrong then come back to Jamshedpur and talk to me!




Guys let us know, SONAMVEER is doing something right or wrong?

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