Two-Year-Old Child Attacked with Acid after His Mother Refused Neighbour’s Sexual Advances


Pankaj Kumar

- December 29, 2016

Two-Year-Old Child Attacked with Acid after His Mother Refused Neighbour’s Sexual Advances

For the last year, two-year-old Aditya Raj has been living with his parents in a rented apartment in Gurugram,Delhi. Unfortunately for Aditya’s mother, their neighbour fell in love with her, and would repeatedly harass her, trying to convince her to run away with him. Her refusal did nothing to deflect him, and even when Aditya’s mother told his father, the harassment did not stop. In fact, it got so bad that the family decided to moved to a different neighbourhood.

Once the family moved, the neighbour’s behaviour got even worse. He wouldn’t stop talking about Aditya’s mother, and would keep trying to find out where they went. A friend of the neighbour’s, after hearing his friend talk continuously about the lady he supposedly loves, got so angry that he decided to take revenge on her for not returning his friend’s advances.

On December 12, as The Logical Indian reported, Aditya’s parents realised that their son had gone missing. Distressed, the parents spent the next two days searching for him. On December 14, a stranger reported finding an injured kid in a dumpster, which led the police to rush immediately to the location. That child was Aditya. But his parents’ relief soon turned to dismay when they realised that Aditya had been attacked with acid, and had been left in the dumpster naked. Freezing from the cold, Aditya was also suffering from shock and trauma due to the acid attack.

Aditya’s parents cannot get over the guilt, as they think they should have protected him better. Be that as it may, the blame lies with nobody yet the man who did this to him. Aditya is currently in hospital, suffering from an infection that is consuming the skin from his face, back, neck, and arms. The toddler has already lost his eyesight in one eye, and can just cry from the pain, not able to speak.

Aditya’s parents are now in critical need of funds to pay for his treatment. If Aditya does not receive advanced medical care, he could lose his life. If you can help Aditya and his parents, please reach out to Make Love Not Scars on


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