Video!! Hubless Harley Coolest Motorcycle Bike Ever…….SOLID!



- May 23, 2016

Hubless Harley Cooletst motorcycle Bike Ever

Technology is turning out to be excessively astounding nowadays, people simply breaking the unbreakable and making the inconceivable, when I saw this bike I was barely short of words, I didn’t comprehend what to say. For all intents and purposes I was quiet; the motorbike is excellent, as well as the innovation and brain behind this creation is eminent.

Hubless Harley Cooletst motorcycle Bike Ever

The Ballistic Cycles 30″ Hub less Wheel Twin Turbo Harley Bagger is a stage well beyond everything else that is out there. This footage was taken straight from the Sturgis rally in 2014 and it’s nothing unexpected that it took home the Baddest Bagger respects at the Full Throttle Saloon. It went ahead to take Best of Show at the Easy Rider Saloon also.

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