Video!! She May Only Be 3 But Her Voice Is Causing An Almighty Stir!



- July 8, 2016

Claire Ryann is only three years old, in any case she’s as of now making lovely a name for herself in music industry. You see, she likes to sing. Thus her father recorded a music video of her doing just that. Furthermore, the video is going viral on social sites now.


“a few months prior, I was paying for an oil change, and once I turned round Claire was singing ‘Little Mermaid’ inside the lobby in the meantime as anyone had their mobile phones out recording her,” Dad David Crosby says. He works for a motion picture association and thinks of all styles of jingles and music for TV, advertisements and movies. So he is aware of what he’s talking about.

So popular is the video of the little Utah baby making a song the Disney classic, “part of Your world,” from the film, The Little Mermaid, that it’s around to hit TEN MILLION views!

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