Video! Real Life Flesh Lego Man Is Terrific Nightmare Fuel



- August 3, 2016

Bonus points if he can take his legs off and utilize them as guns.

It’s annoying and first rate on the identical time.

Real Life Flesh Lego Man Is Terrific Nightmare Fuel

In a latest video from Adam Savage’s Tested, Norm Chan and Frank Ippolito demonstrate off a  creepy however splendid new masks of Ippolito’s advent, which looks as if a humanized model of a LEGO minifig, entire with life-like skin that bears sensible creases, wrinkles, and imperfections. The eyes are black, bulbous, and soulless, and the mouth is barely agape, as though to signify that this creature became thrust into a confusing new global.

lego man at Comic-Con

The flattened ears also are a nice, creepy touch, and the hands truly bring the costume together, which have massive finger and big finger nails. Unnecessary to say, the cosplay got quite the response at the comic-Con floor.

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