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الخيارات الثنائية الموارد التجارية - August 16, 2016

أربح في الفوركس

أصنع المال من العمل بالمنزل It’s a question that’s been bugging the whole global for a long time. Can 45 layers of bulletproof glass guard a person from a grenade launcher? Nicely, right here to answer that question is the guys at Crash zone — a YouTube channel committed to destroying stuff with military-grade guns. Grenade Launcher VS 45 Layers Of Bulletproof Glass

go to link Having propped up a take a look at dummy and created a cardboard tank, they fired a grenade at sixteen inches of bulletproof glass in a 1×1 meter frame. Whilst Russia may additionally have different standards when it comes to health and protection, at the least these guys didn’t place a real man behind the glass, and in the event that you ever wondered why tanks have such little windows — that is why. Did The Glass Win

موقع اخبار الفوركس So the glass kinda won?

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