Video!! Strongman Eddie Hall Almost Dies in Attempt to Break World Deadlift Record



- July 12, 2016

Breaking world records has its chance, specifically if it contains going beyond the limits of what the human body can achieve.

They do not call Eddie corridor ‘The Beast’for nothing. And after breaking his own international deadlift record after lifting 500 kilograms (1,102.31 lbs), it nearly came with the closing price.

Break World Deadlift Record

Hall competed at the entire world Deadlift Championships in England, smashing his previous record at 465 kg he set that same night, however nearly killed himself doing this after convulsing and passing out of the extreme stress on his body

Break World Deadlift Record

That’s a bit over half a lot of weight, which hall stated he can also make an effort to break again someday in the future whatever the risk involved.



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