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كيف اشتري اسهم من البورصة - May 21, 2016


الفوركس العربي Mexican skilled worker Cristiam Ramos has been enamored by using non-ordinary elements to make his representations and scenes, including sugary treat and old jugs. Today, the 34-year-old expert now lives in Orlando, Florida, and is best known for his VIP representations, and has made strikingly point by point pictures of pop images using sugary treat. Possibly as changes for the sugary excursion, he’s recently swung to a substitute material to make his work: toothpaste. The works of art are wide and fuse a few layers; the layering offers Ramos a little help with imagining the shading tones he wishes, as toothpaste genuinely doesn’t arrive in a couple of shades. He utilized his fingers to utilize it, in any case, for minimal diffused elements; he’s going to make utilization of a (paint) brush. Also, the work isn’t without issue.

محرك الفوركس Toothpaste is especially sticky and dries rapidly, making it essential to work short. The odor is additionally something Ramos needs to substance material with. He spends cycle 2 hundred hours and utilizations around 30 canisters of toothpaste for one painting that is a bewildering course of action of menthol.

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