Video! What Happens When Girls And Motorcycles DON’T Get Along!



- June 3, 2016

What Happens When Girls And Motorcycles DON’T Get Along!

Have you ever ridden a bike? It’s pretty cool. Extraordinary a laugh. However it isn’t as smooth a rider because the movies make out. Maybe it’s complex. You need tutoring and observe. thus we tend to are not aiming to be too harsh to the women on this here range of biker fails.

Plus we’re no longer into that entire stereotype about girls no longer being capable of force or something. Some men can’t drive for sh*t, both. You’ve seen them on the roads.

The worrying aspect approximately numerous the clips in this video, though? Apart from the, occasionally, terrible using… It’s the apparel.

It is not secure to expertise a bike in sandals or in somewhat dress whether you’re a man or female).you have gotta be sporting shielding tools. Leathers. A helmet. C’mon, people!



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