Why are there groove lines on the F and J keys on a computer keyboard?



- April 26, 2016

Did you anytime look at the keyboard and thought why “J” and “F” keys have brought thumps up in it? Here and there, precisely the same accessible if there ought to emerge an event of “5” key also. Try not to push, it’s not any sort of era defect, but rather on the other hand frankly this is by configuration.

Groove lines on computer keyboard

The keys have edges, so speed writing is conceivable, without observing the console. These edges assist in situating the fingers. They empower you to really have a right writing position and considering that the edges are there on these 2 keys, the pointers are placed on them.

On the off chance that the left pointer is situated on the “F” Key and if the right forefinger is situated on “J” key, then other 3 fingers of left hand can lay on’A ‘, “S” and “D” and others can lay on ‘colon key ‘, “L” and’K ‘. Both thumbs must lay on space bar.

Computer keyboard

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