And The Winners Of Cannes 2016 Are…

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كيف تربح الأموال من التصوير بنك فوركس Often, during film festivals and ceremonies, media’s attention seems to be exclusively focused on what actresses are wearing on the red carpet, rather than on the movies. This happens in Venice, at the Oscar ceremony, and also in Cannes, France, where the most important and exclusive film festival of the world took place in the last ten days. For once, though, let’s try not to focus on the fashion side of the festival, or on the fact that it’s only female actresses who are seen as some sort of mannequins, while their male colleagues are relevant mostly on an intellectual level… Instead, let’s focus on the movies!

see The festival was won by “I, Daniel Blake”, the new film of the British director see url Ken Loach, who has always been influenced by left-wing politics, and in his career has always tried to describe social issues such as labour rights or homelessness. His new movie, for example, tells the story of a carpenter who requires state welfare after injuring himself. Ken Loach is almost 80 years old and this is his second time winning the Cannes Festival.


اقوي التوصيات الفوركس Another important prize was won by Xavier Dolan, the Canadian director who is only 26 but has already completed 6 full length movies. This year he attended with “Juste la fin du monde”, the story of a writer who comes back home after ten years to tell his family and friends that he’s going to die. Two different directors won the prize for best director: go Cristian Mungiu from Romania and Olivier Assayas from France.

الخيارات الثنائية مؤشر التقلب Many of the movies that are presented in Cannes usually become classic movies, or at least cult movies. Out of the many that were presented this year, one of the most emotional ones might be “The Red Turtle”, a Japanese/French animation movie co-produced by موقع الخيارات الثنائية Studio Ghibli.  

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