WWE Super Stars’ Tattoos And Their Hidden Meanings



- April 26, 2016

A couple of WWE superstar place awesome significance on the tattoos. It’s a kind of expression, a regular indication of an essential subject.


Batista Tattoo

The enormous Chinese mythical serpent on his back could be the imagery of his warrior soul. The size and extent of it are designed to complement the muscles on Batista’s back.He additionally has red kanji lettering on his upper right biceps,which is really a tribute to his previous wife Angie. The lettering says “angel.”

The Rock

The Rock Tattoo

The Rock’s arm and chest tattoo symbolizes his Samoan legacy, and is filled with images that tell his genealogical history. He experienced sixty hours of work, crosswise over three sessions, all to have the amazing outline finished. The final item can be considered being an excellent little bit of masterpiece of design, telling an account of family and warrior soul.

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